Endorsements for Andrew K. Pace

"Andrew Pace’s talent and his commitment to our profession became very evident to me when he served as LITA president the year I served as ALA president. Since then Andrew has demonstrated his commitment to our field and has provided leadership to ALA as a member of its Executive Board, through service on the task force charting ALA’s future structure and direction, and his service on several committees dealing with ALA finances in depth.  He understands the challenges technology offers ALA and the promise it has for enhancing member engagement that benefits the individuals and the membership at large. He is very well prepared to help ALA design its future and increase every member’s return on their personal investments through dues payments, personal involvement, and exploiting the learning experience ALA offers its members. As ALA’s next treasurer, Andrew will continue to strengthen our association and the essential role it play in our society."
Jim Rettig 
Retired university library director
ALA President, 2008-2009

"Andrew Pace is my choice as ALA’s treasurer to lead our Association in 2020 .  He brings financial experience from both his work at OCLC and from his deep involvement with ALA.   In addition to his vital service on ALA’s Executive Board, he also serves on ALA’s Finance and Audit Committee. This gives him a broad and thorough understanding of our current financial situation, where we have been, and where the association wants and needs to put its resources to achieve our strategic goals.

 ALA Treasurer is one of the most critical posts in ALA and one of the most challenging.  It not only requires financial knowledge of the Association but someone who is a critical thinker and understands ALA issues and values.   As your treasurer, Pace will keep us informed about the financial decisions we make as an association.   Andrew Pace is a proven leader who knows and understands libraries and ALA.  When your ballot arrives by e-mail, vote for Andrew Pace."

Ann K. Symons 
Past ALA President (1998-99) and Treasurer (1992-96)
ALA Honorary Member

"Being ALA's Treasurer means more than just understanding budgets, balance sheets, and endowment statements. It means understanding the relationship between ALA's finances with the vision and strategic direction of libraries and communicating effectively with members. Andrew understands. He would make an excellent ALA Treasurer."
Rod Hersberger
Dean of University Libraries Emeritus
California State University, Bakersfield
ALA Treasurer, 2007-2010

"I had the good fortune to work directly with Andrew on the ALA Executive Board. There, I learned first-hand about his knowledge of ALA finances and organization as well as his deep commitment to the success of our association. I can think of no better member to steward ALA through important financial and organizational change. I offer my wholehearted support for and endorsement of Andrew Pace for ALA Treasurer."

Sari Feldman
Executive Director 
Cuyahoga County Public Library 
ALA President, 2015-2016

"ALA Treasurer is one of the most important positions within ALA. The Treasurer has the opportunity to work across the Association with ALA staff and management, with Division leadership and members, with the Round Tables and the Committees, and with the ALA Board, ALA Endowment Trustees and Council. No other individual has the kind of connectivity to and awareness of the membership needs and the organization's capacity to meet those needs. On the tightrope that is the ALA Treasurer, Andrew will balance the membership needs with the fiscal responsibilities and fiduciary requirements of the organization. Andrew Pace has the unique ability to work across these diverse groups and individuals to achieve ALA's mission and goals, listening and responding during times of change."
Liz Bishoff

The Bishoff Group LLC
ALA Treasurer, 2000-2003

"I’ve known Andrew a long time. He’s demonstrated commitment, inclusion, empathy, innovation and a passion for all things libraries. I strongly endorse his candidacy for ALA Treasurer."
Patrick Losinski
Columbus Metropolitan Library

"Andrew has an exceptional grasp of ALA finances, the kind of expertise we need as we face continuous change in our profession and in ALA."

Karen G. Schneider
Dean of the Library
Sonoma State University

"Andrew can be trusted to be a thoughtful steward of ALA’s finances. Equally important, he can be relied on to communicate the state of those finances to members clearly. He is approachable, collegial, and committed to the association. Andrew will do an outstanding job as the next ALA Treasurer."

Peter Hepburn
Head Librarian
College of the Canyons

“Andrew’s understanding of and commitment to ALA is nearly unparalleled. His years of dedicated service have given him a breadth of experience and clarity of vision that will enable him not only to fulfill expertly the duties of treasurer, but also to communicate about ALA finances in a way that is comprehensible and meaningful for members.”

Rachel G. Rubin, Ph.D.
Director of Library and Information Services
Capital University

"In this period of exciting change in our profession and association, Andrew Pace is the leader we need now."

Robert R. Newlen
Executive Director
The Dwight D. Opperman Foundation

"Andrew is thoughtful, principled, innovative, and kind. He is also deeply committed to helping libraries serve their communities and constituents more effectively, and his extensive volunteer work with the American Library Association has always been pursued with that goal in mind. Our association is at its best when we have a treasurer with Andrew's personal qualities and professional qualifications. I am pleased to support his candidacy."

Brett Bonfield
Executive Director
Princeton Public Library

"There isn't much else to add on top of all the other resoundingly positive votes of confidence and endorsements of Andrew's character and acumen with regard to ALA budgeting and the overall fiscal picture. Serving in leadership roles with him I have found him to be open-minded, willing to ask difficult questions, , methodical, fair, and respectful. During this time of myriad change he is a stable leader who will help steer us successfully across the high seas of finance."
Mike L. Marlin
Director, California Braille and Talking Book Library
ALA Councilor at Large

"Andrew will be an excellent treasurer for ALA. He is thoughtful in his decision-making and has a deep knowledge of ALA. His experience on Council and on the Executive Board has prepared him to take on the responsibility of the office. I heartily endorse Andrew Pace."

Terri Grief
School Librarian, Retired
McCracken County High School

“I have worked with Andrew in various capacities as a Council and Executive Board member. Andrew has the financial acumen and deep understanding of ALA to be a very effective treasurer. I am confident that ALA finances will be in good hands with Andrew Pace.”

Ann Dutton Ewbank
Montana State University-Bozeman
ALA Councilor 2018-2021
Past Chair, Committee on Legislation

"As a long-time member of the American Library Association, I will be voting for Andrew Pace for Treasurer of ALA. I've had the pleasure to serve alongside Andrew in leadership positions, and I can attest to his knowledge of ALA finances and understanding of the relationship between the funding mechanisms and the membership priorities. Andrew is keenly aware of members' and the organization's priorities. He applies that knowledge to thoughtful and responsible fiscal decision making. I am pleased to support him as ALA Treasurer."

Gina Persichini
Instructional Design Consultant
Boise State University

"Andrew is uniquely qualified to serve as ALA's next treasurer. He has the deep financial experience we need, along with knowledge of both ALA and libraries. Plus, he's got a great sense of humor!"

Brian Kenney
White Plains Public Library (NY)

"I have worked with Andrew Pace through my long association with OCLC Global Council and as a former member of the ALA Executive Board. Andrew has always impressed me as a highly intelligent, competent, and dedicated librarian. He is vastly experienced in the finances of ALA and is committed to the best interests of ALA. I consider him to be immensely qualified for the role of ALA Treasurer, and I strongly support his candidacy."

John DeSantis
Cataloging & Metadata Services Librarian
Dartmouth College

"In a time of Association self-examination and internal transition, there is a need for a strong leader with the experience and commitment necessary to both deeply understand the finances of our organization, and the temperament to move ALA forward. Andrew Pace is that person, and I readily and heartily endorse his candidacy for ALA Treasurer."

Eric Suess
Marshall Public Library

"Andrew has a dedication to libraries and library service that is unique to the enthusiasm and energy that he brings to every project. The ALA Treasurer Office is an important one for one of our great professional societies and requires the diligence and service-oriented focus that Andrew can provide. His ability to communicate with all of our members will be a key component of his successful candidacy. I recommend him without reservation for this important role."

Robert H. McDonald
Dean of University Libraries & Professor
University of Colorado Boulder

"It's difficult to imagine anyone better qualified or positioned to take on the role of ALA Treasurer than Andrew Pace. As the Association moves forward, Andrew has the experience and background - financially, professionally, and personally - to help us all think through and execute difficult decisions. He's also a great guy, with a ready wit and a collaborative spirit, and I'm proud to endorse him to be ALA's next Treasurer."

Joseph Janes, Associate Professor
University of Washington Information School
Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, University of Washington Faculty Senate

"Andrew is committed to the success and sustainability of our association. His keen intellect and understanding of our finances will serve him well as treasurer. I trust his judgment and know we'll be in good hands."

Martin Garnar
Dean, Kraemer Family Library
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

"I’ve known Andrew for longer than I want to publicly admit (let’s just say I had a lot more hair back then and it had color) and this has included his being a customer of a company I worked at, also when he was a librarians/press person and most recently, when he was an organization representative to my library (when I moved to the higher-ed side of the profession). So, we’ve covered a large number of pathways together and sometimes they had some good-size bumps in them. While navigating those, I’ve always found the following qualities in Andrew: trustworthiness, high levels of integrity, intelligence and a willingness to work hard. This has resulted in us being not only colleagues, but friends. As a result, I have no hesitations in endorsing Andrew for the ALA Treasurer and would encourage you to consider doing the same."

Carl Grant
Dean (Interim)
University of Oklahoma Libraries

"I have witnessed Andrew's dedication to our profession and his commitment to positively influence it through his volunteerism with the American Library Association. Andrew has the qualities that we need to be our ALA Treasurer."

Nick Buron
Chief Librarian
Queens Library

"Andrew is an excellent leader, librarian, and colleague. He would be an outstanding treasurer and his decades of experience in a variety of library positions, industries, and long-time service to ALA and the broader profession would be a great benefit to us all!"
Brad Warren
Associate Dean of Library Services
University of Cincinnati

I wholeheartedly endorse Andrew Pace for Treasurer of the American Library Association. I have long admired Andrew’s nuanced, thoughtful, and insightful approach to ALA governance, and I believe that his leadership and vision will serve the association well during this time of change for the organization.

Ben Hunter
Interim Dean of Libraries
University of Idaho

"I am happy to endorse Andrew K Pace for ALA Treasurer. I have worked with him in multiple ways in the American Library Association. I feel confident that he would serve the Association well as Treasurer at this crucial time in our history."

Dale K McNeill
Assistant Director for Public Services
San Antonio Public Library
"Andrew is detailed and thorough when it comes to reading and interpreting financial sheets and issues. When I was Chair of BARC, I worked with Andrew and was impressed with his keen sense of understanding of the complex financial structure of ALA. In addition, his willingness to ask tough questions about the budget and financial reports is reflective of his ability to provide financial leadership to the ALA community. I fully endorse Andrew and encourage the membership to support his candidacy with their vote. "
Ann M. Martin
AASL President (2008-2009)
"In this critical time for our profession and association, with library funding under continual threat from the local to federal levels, questions about ALA's sources of revenue, and the association in the process of examining its organizational and conference structures, it is especially important to have a steady and transparent hand at the helm of our association's finances for the next three years.
Andrew's experience on ALA's Executive Board, as a member of ALA's Organizational Effectiveness/Governance Review Steering Committee, and from my work with Andrew on ALA Council and his time as Executive Board liaison to the New Members Round Table, I have come to know him as a thoughtful, effective, and transparent leader, and one who genuinely values the voices of the membership and has the best interests of our association at heart. It is difficult to imagine a better qualified, steadier hand to guide the association through these uncertain times.
For these reasons, I offer my unqualified and enthusiastic support for his candidacy."

Megan Hodge
ALA Councilor-at-Large
NMRT President, 2014-2015
2011 Emerging Leader

"Andrew Pace is the perfect person to serve as the next Treasurer of the American Library Association. His strong financial skills combined with a deep understanding of the operations of the association from a member perspective will be critical as ALA seeks to reinvent itself for the next generation of library professionals."

Larry Neal
Director, Clinton-Macomb (MI) Public Library
PLA President, 2014-2015
ALA Councilor-at-Large, 2017- 

“I have worked with Andrew Pace as a fellow ALA Councilor and in my role as an Americas Regional Council delegate to the OCLC Global Council. His knowledge of the details of ALA policies and programs, and his willingness to share his expertise with a new Councilor, was unmatched, and the principled stand he always took, and encouraged his fellow Councilors to take, was inspiring. As ALA faces fundamental questions about how to establish a strong foundation for its future as the largest, and most engaged, library association in the world, I can think of no-one who would bring to its financial planning the knowledge, experience, values, and commitment to engaged member-leadership that Andrew would. I hope you will join me in voting for Andrew Pace for ALA Treasurer.”

 Scott Walter
University Librarian, DePaul University
ALA Life Member

We also endorse Andrew K. Pace for ALA Treasurer...

Maureen Sullivan

Organization Development Consultant
Maureen Sullivan Associates
ALA President, 2012-2013

Dr. Sandy Hirsh

Director and Professor
School of Information
San Jose State University

Renee Di Pilato

Deputy Director
Alexandria (VA) Library

Dr. Susan Gibbons

University Librarian and Deputy Provost for Collections
     & Scholarly Communication
Yale University

Sara Kelly Johns

School Librarian, Consultant, Speaker, Online InstructorSyracuse University iSchool
AASL Past President (2007-08)

Dr. Megan Oakleaf

Associate Professor
School of Information Studies
Syracuse University

Felton Thomas, Jr.

Executive Director, CEO
Cleveland Public Library
PLA President 2016-2017

Carson Block

Carson Block Consulting

Colby Riggs

Project and Operational Improvement Librarian
University of California, Irvine Libraries
LITA President, 2004-2005

Bonnie Postlethwaite

Dean of Libraries 
University of Missouri-Kansas City
LITA President, 2006-2007

Erica Findley

Cataloging | Metadata Librarian
Multnomah County Library

Johana Orellana

Adult Services Librarian
North Richland Hills Public Library

Jack Martin

Executive Director
Providence Public Library

Thomas C. Wilson

Professor, Associate Dean for Research and Technology, University Libraries The University of Alabama
LITA President, 2003-2004

Adriene Lim, Ph.D., MLIS

Dean of Libraries
Philip H. Knight Chair
University of Oregon Libraries

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