Endorsements for Andrew K. Pace

"Andrew Pace is my choice as ALA’s treasurer to lead our Association in 2020 .  He brings financial experience from both his work at OCLC and from his deep involvement with ALA.   In addition to his vital service on ALA’s Executive Board, he also serves on ALA’s Finance and Audit Committee. This gives him a broad and thorough understanding of our current financial situation, where we have been, and where the association wants and needs to put its resources to achieve our strategic goals.

 ALA Treasurer is one of the most critical posts in ALA and one of the most challenging.  It not only requires financial knowledge of the Association but someone who is a critical thinker and understands ALA issues and values.   As your treasurer, Pace will keep us informed about the financial decisions we make as an association.   Andrew Pace is a proven leader who knows and understands libraries and ALA.  When your ballot arrives by e-mail, vote for Andrew Pace."

Ann K. Symons 
Past ALA President (1998-99) and Treasurer (1992-96)
ALA Honorary Member

"Andrew has an exceptional grasp of ALA finances, the kind of expertise we need as we face continuous change in our profession and in ALA."

Karen G. Schneider
Dean of the Library
Sonoma State University

"Andrew can be trusted to be a thoughtful steward of ALA’s finances. Equally important, he can be relied on to communicate the state of those finances to members clearly. He is approachable, collegial, and committed to the association. Andrew will do an outstanding job as the next ALA Treasurer."

Peter Hepburn
Head Librarian
College of the Canyons

“Andrew’s understanding of and commitment to ALA is nearly unparalleled. His years of dedicated service have given him a breadth of experience and clarity of vision that will enable him not only to fulfill expertly the duties of treasurer, but also to communicate about ALA finances in a way that is comprehensible and meaningful for members.”

Rachel G. Rubin, Ph.D.
Director of Library and Information Services
Capital University

"Being ALA's Treasurer means more than just understanding budgets, balance sheets, and endowment statements. It means understanding the relationship between ALA's finances with the vision and strategic direction of libraries and communicating effectively with members. Andrew understands. He would make an excellent ALA Treasurer."

Rod Hersberger
Dean of University Libraries Emeritus
California State University, Bakersfield

"Andrew is thoughtful, principled, innovative, and kind. He is also deeply committed to helping libraries serve their communities and constituents more effectively, and his extensive volunteer work with the American Library Association has always been pursued with that goal in mind. Our association is at its best when we have a treasurer with Andrew's personal qualities and professional qualifications. I am pleased to support his candidacy."

Brett Bonfield
Executive Director
Princeton Public Library

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